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Our hero. Robman is your all-around nice guy with the uncanny ability to do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. Fates conspire against him, luck has passed him by, and pantheons of gods change the course of the world simply to make sure a pretty girl sees him with his fly down.
The Princess of Comics
Robman met the Princess of Comics in college and they’ve been (platonic, dammit) friends ever since. She works at the Comic Store and is a talented artist in her own right. She dispenses wisdom as she sees fit, especially when Robman is screwing up, which is often.
Big Rob
Robman’s partner in crime for almost a decade. Where you find one, you usually find the other. They share the same interests and some even say the same brain. The main difference is that Big Rob is married with kids, and the fact that Big Rob could snap Robman like a twig.
The Bald Kid. Robman’s buddy from high school. TBK is a talented musician and martial artist. TBK is happily married, even moreso since he gets to see the horrors of single life through Robman’s eyes.
Robman's sister... loves monkeys and all things Rick Springfield. Yes, she's a weirdo.
He is the Peruvian Love God, and property of the Princess of Comics. 'Nuff said.
In Robman's world, God is a woman, which, oddly enough, explains a lot.
Mego Spidey
Robman's childhood toy. Only talks when he feels like it, and has only marginally better luck with women than Robman does. Gives Robman advice, but only when it's funny.

(Spidey is copyright Marvel Comics. Please, Marvel Comics, don't sue Robbie!)

the Devil
It's the Devil. What do you think he's about?
Plushie Cthulhu
Cthulhu gets no love. Not even from himself. Of course, it might have something to do with the guys he hangs out with, too. Or maybe it's just the octoporn.
Nails is the Angel of Death. He's come to Earth in search of Lovin', and he expects to get help from Robman.
Pity him.
Robman did not pick out the purple collar, but Matty doesn't seem to mind.
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