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About the Artist

Robert Van Brunt was born on Halloween 1972 in New Jersey. The family moved to California shortly afterwards, claiming that one had nothing to do with the other. Rob’s childhood was relatively uneventful and made it through high school without incident. It was in high school where he discovered two things. One was that it appeared that all women thought of him as a "friend". The other was that if he drew cartoons, people were impressed. Rob graduated college with a BA in Art; a degree that has virtually NO practical value other than it allowed Rob to check off the "graduated college" box on government forms and applications.

Rob now works in his lifelong dream job, at a comic shop. He makes almost no money there, so he takes on the occasional freelance art job from Amy, usually for food. Rob also does an email cartoon called Mego Spidey Theatre which is his own version of Toyfare's Twisted Mego Theatre, which doesn’t appear in this site due to the extensive use of copyrighted action figures, and Rob’s deep-seated fear of being sued. Rob is single, and is currently on the market for a girlfriend or a polite stalker. He enjoys music, movies, comics and talking about himself in the third person.

this is amy. she does the website and colors the sundays. i love her because she does the website for free.

the sarcasm costs extra.

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